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Make 2018 A Successful Year

This time of year is great for reflecting and projecting.

Most business leaders dream bigger, and set larger goals.

Here is one question that business leaders seldom reflect on, yet it is probably the most important.

“How can we better connect with our customers and are we doing everything we can to make that a reality?”

growth chart graphic used for blog postThe answer to that question makes the dreams a reality because the goals are being hit. Without that answer, 2018 be much like 2017 and probably the years prior. While they might not be bad, they are not all we dreamed them to be.

Why is that? Well great question. A large part of the answer lies in the question asked above. See, most business owners skim that question but never really dive into it. We believe we are doing everything that we can to reach our customer base. If we are truthful, we realize that much of those dreams and goals get caught up in the day-to-day operations and making everything “work”.

Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Do your customers and prospective customers really know what you do? It might seem obvious to you as it should be. However, is it obvious to them because that is what matters. When it comes to websites and marketing, clarity is critical. You have about 2-3 seconds to reach your customers. If you don’t, they will leave.
  2. They don’t care. Here is a big wake up call for most businesses… customers don’t really care about your great grandfather who started the company. Your customer has a problem and they need it solved. Think of it this way, you meet a person who needs a ride back home. What does this person really care about? They want to get home and instead of telling them about how the company got started, your great grandfather (who was probably great) and all the technical readouts, could we just provide them with a solution to their problem? Many business websites are a hot mess when it comes to the homepage. The company packs everything on that page just hoping that someone will click something. There is a problem with that and it is a psychological one.
  3. They are burning calories. That is right. When someone looks at your marketing collateral, if it is a challenge for them to figure out who you are, what you do and how you will solve their problem, the customer burns calories because their brain is working harder than it needs to. The brain is trained to shut down when that happens. This is how we are wired so the question is this, can a customer clearly identify who you are and what you do and how your solution fixes their need and can they do that in a few short seconds? Yes, this is possible and something that we do daily with clients should they request it.

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Will 2018 be different than 2017? That is a question only you can answer but I would caution how you arrive at that answer. Sure we “want” it to be but our answer needs to come from a different place.

Making sure we work through some of the items above can make 2018 a much better year.

The question is, will you take the time to do it…