picture of a frustrated guy using a computer

Why It Won’t Work

For the longest time I believed that more is better. We believed that if we conveyed more information that it would lead to more people engaging with us.


When it comes to websites everything boils down to messaging. So what about your website?

Few things to think about:

1. Do people know what you do? More importantly, can you convey that in a “why”? I recently worked with a large company that sells farming equipment. When I went to their website I had to call them and ask them what they did because I could not figure it out. Once we got done, it is now clear to anyone as to what they do and why they do it.

2. Talk too much about you… Often we spend too much time talking about ourselves. Who doesn’t want to hear themselves talk right? Well, why not change that to talking about those you serve, help or sell to? What difference are you making for them? If you are doing your job right they will tell you. If you are doing it wrong you can be sure that they will tell you.

8 Features Of A Winning Website

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3. Imaging can be everything. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. If that is true, we should spend a little more time and intentionality on what we choose and where we place it.

4. Too many words! Say more with less. Simplify and then simplify again. Most people don’t read, they scan and there are techniques designed to get them to continue reading.

5. Do something. When people come to your website are you asking them to do something? Most organizations fail to do this and the question is why? Clear points of action should be available for your clients and customers to click on.