So you think having a website is important?

The truth is that it could be important. 

Most organizations and people in them believe that just having a website is a good thing. However, the majority of those same organizations can’t give a clear answer as to why.

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What Can A Website Provide?

  1. It makes you visible. If you don’t have a Web presence, there’s no chance of you showing up and you never even enter into their thought process. In today’s world, you can’t afford to be invisible. 
  2. You build authority. Just by having a website, you add credibility as well as authority to your business. No matter how established your business is, if you do not have a website it conveys to someone that you are not willing to connect with them on a digital level. In other words, you are cheap. Nobody wants that image for their business.
  3. It expands your market. When done right, a website can expand your marketplace and create more revenue for your company. The first part of this process is to identify your market. Most businesses fail to do this and assume they “know their market”. Truth is that most know what they want their market to be but would be surprised by who it actually is.
  4. Allows you to be competitive. Without a site you are invisible. Guess who isn’t? Your competition. While someone looks online for something you have they don’t find you but they find your competitor. In today’s world, you need to place yourself or your company in a position of being competitive and a website can do that.
  5. Provides you with a sales tool. Think about how much money is spent on print material annually. Truth is that you might not be able to cut out all print material but a website can serve as a powerful sales tool when done right. Online, you can provide all the same information you would in print at a fraction of the cost. In addition, you can sell you items there. The possibilities are endless.

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