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Is Your Business Sticky?

Have you ever had something sticky get on your fingers?

The kind of sticky that takes forever to remove?

I immediately head back to my childhood and the experience of touching tree sap for the first time.

Clark W. Griswold anyone?

Being “sticky” in messaging is tricky. Some companies are great with the concept. For instance, finish the statement:

“15 minutes could save ____________”

Geico and others like them have become ‘sticky’. Watch this video of 27 seconds on what sticky shouldn’t look like.

Funny right? But in business, if our sticky is the wrong kind of sticky, we are on our way to disaster.

We don’t need to use humor to be effective although it seems to be a popular choice these days.

We DO need to be intentional, and well thought out.

Many organizations suffer from, “this is the way we have always done it” syndrome. “We have had success and we will keep on doing it this way because…”

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Almost everyone agrees that this statement is true, “times change”.

If that is the case, are you keeping up with those times? Are you current and relevant in your industry?

Chances are your competition is trying to be.

Your story is everything. Telling it well is critical.

Are you ‘sticky’ with your audience?