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Make 2018 A Successful Year

This time of year is great for reflecting and projecting. Most business leaders dream bigger, and set larger goals. Here is one question that business

100 Questions They Never Asked

Do you run a complex and diverse business or is yours a bit more simple? Either way, what your customers are hearing may not be

Do You Have Empathy?

Sounds weird, right? But before you discount empathy as being something not necessary you might want to read a little further… Truth is that empathy

Is Your Business Sticky?

Have you ever had something sticky get on your fingers? The kind of sticky that takes forever to remove? I immediately head back to my

The Curse Of Knowledge

So here is how it begins… We know a bunch of stuff. We feel that others need to know this stuff. OBVIOUSLY, everyone wants to

Why It Won’t Work

For the longest time I believed that more is better. We believed that if we conveyed more information that it would lead to more people