graphic for blog post 5 Free Online Business Resources Every Company Should Look At

5 Free Online Business Resources Every Company Should Look At

Free is always nice especially when it doesn’t come with a “free 14-day trial”.

Oh, the old bait and switch… Anyway, we found a few items that we believe beneficial to check out. Who knows, they might help you as well.

logo for canva1. Canva– If you ever thought that you couldn’t do any graphic design work, think again! Your account is free, many of the resources are completely free. You can export artwork into PNG’s, JPG’s, PDF’s and more. If you want to use some of their photos you might have to pay a buck but it is still an incredible resource.



2. Optimize Player– Having decent control over videos is important to us. Youtube and Vimeo (the one we currently pay for and use) offer great features but limited controls on the free version. Enter Optimize Player… Even with the free version, we have great control and while it only allows for 10 video uploads a month, that is probably enough for most!

8 Features Of A Winning Website

What are the 8 features? Download the free 8 features workbook to start working on your site today.


dropbox logo3. Dropbox– Whether you need access to files or not, Dropbox is an incredible online storage resource. We have used Box, and many others and quite honestly Dropbox offers some of the easiest solutions to storage, collaboration, and sharing.

slack-logo4. Slack– A great project collaboration and communication tool. Have you ever had to go back and try to find “that email” with the info in it? Slack solves that problem and more. Sharing documents and collaborating could never be easier and all communication is found in one place. No more searching for the email that you “saved” but can’t find. We use this product with our clients and recommend it no matter how big or small your team is.

mailchimp-logo5. Mailchimp– This is a great and free resource for email marketing. It is robust and easy to use with drag-and-drop technology. Importing contacts is simple. If you are looking to communicate something, Mailchimp is a great place to start!

Last thing to think about… Your message! Using tools is one thing. Having something of value to say is another. If you are thinking about working on your messaging or need help getting started contact us today and let us help!

Remember, “It’s Your Story”. Make sure it is being told the way you want it to be…