picture of a guy with a lot of questions

100 Questions They Never Asked

Do you run a complex and diverse business or is yours a bit more simple?

Either way, what your customers are hearing may not be what you want them too…

picture of a guy with a lot of questionsIn business, we believe that our customers want to hear something. However that something is not really what the customer wants to hear. This creates a disconnect and that disconnect is from you. Nobody can afford “disconnect” when it comes to business.

What if you are answering 100’s of questions that your customers never asked? What if what you think they want to hear is not really what they are looking for?

When a customer becomes confused, that customer more than likely will not do business with you. When things are clear and simple, they will engage. There is a science to back this up and you can read about it here.

In digital marketing, specifically websites, businesses want to tell the customer all the great things about themselves.

What if the customer really doesn’t care? Truth is that most don’t and that is not why they came to your website…

8 Features Of A Winning Website

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In digital marketing, really all forms of marketing, if we are answering questions that clients are not asking, we are creating clutter. What we are really doing is making it hard for a customer to engage.

When we place everything that we can on the home page, we create a mess. For some reason, businesses have believed that this is EXACTLY what people must be looking for. Actually, the opposite is true. Customers are looking for clarity and if your website is cluttered, clarity is absent.


Here are 3 questions that you need to answer when a customer comes to your website:

  1. What do you offer?
  2. How will it solve my problem (make my life better, etc.)?
  3. How do I get (buy) it?

If your website does not clearly answer these questions, your story needs to be developed in a narrative that is simple.

Cool pictures and videos are nice but at the end of the day, if you are not answering those questions, you are probably not developing leads and making sales.

The first step is to identify this problem. The second is to have someone help you that KNOWS what they are doing or you run the risk of doing the same thing over again.

More than a website company, Rainwater helps you develop a brand that sticks and is communicated in a simple and clear way that helps customers engage.